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November 23, 2018

Winnipeg Search and Rescue Winter 2018 / Spring 2019 Recruiting:

With any volunteer organization there is solid core of individuals the keep moving the organization forward.  There are also those that due to changes in their family, work, health situations leave the organization and they are then replaced by others.  Winnipeg Search and Rescue experiences this same rotation of volunteers on a yearly basis which is why access to new volunteers a couple times a year is important for keeping the organization strong.

We generally recruit throughout the year however due to a number of retirements this year, WINSAR is conducting a specific winter/spring recruitment.  We are looking for individuals that can contribute skills and just as importantly time to support search call outs, search training, search and rescue prevention programs, support of community events and  for administration and logistical support.

WINSAR recruits from a wide variety of people from the Winnipeg and surrounding areas. We need many skills sets to support the group with the focus this year being those physically and mentally prepared to deal with the long hours and challenging conditions involved with wilderness and urban searches.  Those that can assist with searches are our focus however, there is always room for those that can support the group in other roles.

If you are interested in volunteering with WINSAR or a rural Search and Rescue Manitoba team, please contact us from our contact page.  We also invite you to view our Facebook Page (Winnipeg Search and Rescue Association) and our Twitter page @SARWinnipeg to get a better idea what our activities are in the community.

We look forward to hearing from potential applicants in the near future.


Winnipeg Search and Rescue looking for a reliable and cost effective truck.

WINSAR purchased a Command/Equipment trailer last summer that has proven to be a great asset in support of our assigned tasks and community event.  Currently the trailer is pulled by using vehicles owned by volunteers.  As there only a few members who have the experience hauling a 25 trailer and a vehicle large enough to handle the load, it can sometimes be challenging to get the trailer where it needs to be.

If anyone can help us out with this problem, please contact us.  Did we mention that we are a volunteer not-for-profit organization that is funded by contributions from our members and specific fund raising activities?

An on going sponsorship arrangement for a vehicle would be welcomed!

Please see our gofundme page to either make a donation or share the link with others you are connected to through email or social media.  

wpg-searchrescue6wpg-searchrescue1WINSAR at Search with Trailer